A Fender Stratocaster guitar, personally owned, used, and signed by Eric Clapton. The pickguard is signed by Clapton with his full signature, adding the date ”88”.

In 2004, Clapton’s famous “Blackie”, also a black Fender Stratocaster sold for almost a million dollars at auction, making it the most expensive guitar in the world at that time. The “Blackie” was used by Clapton from the 1970’s until it was sold in 2004. It’s therefore not comparable with this particular guitar that he only used in 1988. However, it’s indeed the same model, and therefore a prime Eric Clapton collectible used by Mr. Slowhand himself.

Condition: In used, yet very fine condition.

Provenance: Letter of provenance from the previous owned. Letter of authenticity from Alexander Bitar History.

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